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AquaSmart key features


The AquaSmart comprises three modules; a connected base uThe AquaSmartnit, flow meter and motorised valve.

The main features of the AquaSmart are:

  • Internet connectivity (WiFi and 3G versions available)
  • Adjustable flow and time thresholds, set according to your typical water usage  
  • Automatic water shut-off via a motorized valve in the event that a leak is detected 
  • Remote valve control via the Flow Reporter web app
  • Text message and/or email alerts direct to your connected device if thresholds are exceeded  
  • Manual alert override
  • ‘Holiday mode’ function
  • ‘Machine-learning’ Flow Reporter web app software identifies patterns and trends in your water usage, enabling greater knowledge of your consumption
  • Real-time, daily and monthly consumption monitoring available (in litres and pounds sterling)
  • Four meters can be fitted per AquaSmart unit
  • Mains-powered (12V DC, 10m power cable provided)
  • Variable pipe sizes available; Small (15/22mm), Medium (28/35mm), Large (42/54mm) 
  • WRAS-approved water meter
  • Unit dimensions: 14.5cm x 11.2cm x 4.7cm
  • Unit weight: 230g



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